Best Healthy Eating Gadgets under $30 - Canada

Best cheap gifts for healthy eaters canada

Looking for a gift for the clean eater in your life.  Here are some of my favorite kitchen gadgets under $30.

This post has Canadian merchant sources.  If you're shopping from the US, please see this post.

I LOVE these Popsicle molds for storing extra sorbets and fruit purees. Just fill them up, cap em' and throw them in the freezer. No mess! If you have me...Get the set of 12.

I used to waste so much garlic in my mincer. My husband got me this Joseph Joseph garlic rocker and it works so good and cleans up so easily. Make sure you get the stainless steel, as when you rub your hands on it, the garlic smell mysteriously disappears.

This little gadget looks ridiculous but makes peeling garlic insanely easy  (I HATE peeling garlic!).

One of my most used kitchen gagdets, I love my silicone muffin mold to freeze single serving pucks of ice cream, sorbet, and soups. I use them to make Healthy Oreos and ice cream sandwiches.  Small and fits easily in the freezer.

Perfect for coring organic apples before eating or throwing into the Vitamix.  Pop out the core straight into the garbage when you're done.

Walking by a Le Creuset outlet store always takes my breath away.  There's a ritual.  I go in, spend an hour touching everything and usually walk out with one 40% off spatula.

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